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Casa da Memória São Filipe

The House

After its renovation in 2001, the building was transformed into a cultural centre.









1. The house, with a permanent EXHIBITION illustrating the local history and culture of São Filipe.

Enjoy discovering São Filipe’s heritage and development, particularly during the last two centuries. Learn about the city’s history and roots, to enrich its present and future.

The House of Memory is entered through a furnished living-room containing a collection of ceramics, decorative objects and photographs, and adjoining a bedroom. In a third room are exposed numerous household objects: kitchenware, pottery, pestles and mortars, cauldrons and other more typically local objects such as bulí, tagarra, tropeça, podogó.

Its contents illustrate the life of an archipelago, particularly that of Fogo Island, dependent on sea trade and influenced by colonialism and emigration, with alternating periods of prosperity and great poverty.

We thank the families of São Filipe who lent the objects on exhibition.


2. The CASA DA MEMÓRIA  contains a specialised LIBRARY and reading room, open to the public, with over 400 books and documents on the history and culture of Cape Verde, especially the island of Fogo. These fulfil a need for more detailed information and are intended not only for students and researchers but also for tourists, who will discover with pleasure the surprising originality and diversity of Cape Verde's history and literary heritage. The library and exhibition constitute the “written and visual memory” that we strive to maintain.


3. To complete its dynamic programme, the CASA DA MEMÓRIA organises various CULTURAL ACTIVITIES. The fine interior patio is very suitable for cultural meetings: conferences concerning the society, history and culture of Cape Verde; projection (followed by discussion) of selected documentaries and films covering different genres and periods of the history of cinema; other activities such as, for example, presentations of books of interest; and meetings in convivial atmosphere.


The CASA DA MEMÓRIA is a private initiative, entirely undertaken in a spirit of solidarity.